whip braid detail

Signal and Snakewhips

whip braid detail

Above shows some of the braiding detail on the higher end custom whips

A small sampling of the Many Signal Whips we have made.

whip selection
3 signal whips


set of black signalwhips
5 signalwhips in red and black
a traditional signalwhip and one with a slapper end

Signal and snakewhips are grouped on one page as they share so many similarities

Both start with a lead shot filled bag, "shotbag", both are flexible for the entire lenth, and do not contain a rigid handle.

Snakewhips have a fall and cracker attached to the end,

(worth noting is that a whip is measured by the braided portion, so a 4ft snakewhip is commonly around 6FT tip to tip)

Signal whips, (commonly reffered to as singletails) are measured from the first knot on the cracker so are much closer to the stated lenth.