Cats Paw

Special order Items allow 3 weeks for crafting

Our Cat's Paw Multi-tail Whips are built on a sigalwhip body and transition into a 5 tailed scourge

Lenth and weight adjusted according to purchasers requirements

Starting at $140 <and usually ending there too>

Need a bit of time to get these made

cats paw multi-tailed whip

Heavyweight Cat's Paw

4 feet tip to tip with heavy shot loading

Seriously Intimidating


Cats Paw multi-tailed whip
black multi-tailed whip
multi-ailed whip

Devil's Tounges

dragons tail slappers

Traditional Slappers Feature a shot loaded upper with a taperd slapper section

we'll make em to your specs, you just let us know what effect you'r looking for

Starting at $90

long 4ft quirt

Custom quirts, initially a staple of barrel racers we can modify them to fit your needs