Whip Pricing

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars

We accept: Interact E- transfer, direct deposit at any TD-Canada Trust Bank



If you'r lucky enough to be in or near the Toronto/GTA area local pickup with cash payment is available, Etobicoke, (Lakeshore and Browns Line area)

Please note: whips are made on a per order basis and typically custom fit to the users requirements

The Following is a price guide to a few of the items we produce

do feel free to email me with any custom item or colour pricing requests you may have.

I love having folks drop by and chat about whip stuff

but due to Covid-19 for the moment pickup is currently via curbside pickup only

Whips for sale

Signal and Snake-whips


3 Foot $110.00

4 Foot $130.00

Due to several recent requests signal whips can now be made with the option of the "safer less likely to cut" slapper style end instead of the braided in cracker, because these are a back-braid colour choices are limited

Signal and Snake-whips Patterned

Red and Black 3 Foot                            $120.00

Red and Black Patterned4 Foot           $140.00

Mini Bull Whips

The term "Mini" is relative these are of the same modern construction as any regular bullwhip  

Black Mini Bull Whip with traditional fall and cracker 

3 foot $110.00

4 foot $130.00

Red and Black Mini Bullwhip with traditional fall and cracker 

3 Foot $120

4Foot $140

Black Mini Bull Whip  with safer less likely to cut "play style" slapper fall

3 Foot $100

4Foot $120

Red and Black Mini Bull Whip  with safer less likely to cut slapper fall

3 Foot $120

4 foot $140


Pro-Sport / Target

These are full sized hand crafted whips suitable for professional use, and as such some slight caution is advised, they are made to order and I'll likely have a few questions along the way to best fit your whip

If it's a gift  standard pattern, "off the shelf", sizeing is available

Black (other colours in limited quantity may be available just drop me a line and ask)

5 Foot $180

6 foot $200

8 foot $260  (the 8 foot is not available in a light version, medium and heavy weight only)

Contact Us At : dijon@whipmaker.ca

My Apologies due to unforseen circumstances

I am not taking Custom orders at this time