Since 2000

Gravvyty Whips is located in Toronto Canada on the Etobicoke shoreline of Lake Ontario

A while back when I discovered the art/sport of whip cracking I went in search of a source of good quality entry level whips and all I came up with was E-Bay filled for the most part with sub standard whips on one end of the scale and on the other a very few truly exquisite works of art made by master craftsmen who had spent lifetimes adding to the knowledge they themselves had acquired from the craftsmen that had gone before them.

While I personally was enthusiastic enough and knowlegable enough to part with the sometimes substantial amounts of money and then wait patiently while my order was filled and shipped I found that many of those interested, some of who may have become lifelong whip enthusiasts, were uncertain of what to get or reluctant to purchase something that they could not feel, hold, touch and try. This led to them to having to resort to borrowing whips from others with all the attendant discomfort and concern of using something not their own with the result that some lost interest and drifted off.

I decided to make good whips in the traditional manner at an affordable price , and while I have in the past made 32 plait patterned roo hide special order whips the original goal was and still is to make good solid functional whips of a quality that anyone could pick up and throw and have function to a level where they would be able to improve and grow and attain the skills which make our wonderfull sport so rewarding.

I will not sell a whip that does not work.

We will not make a special order whip when I believe the requirements of fulfilling the order will result in a badly performing whip no matter how pretty it may end up being. I make functional whips not wall hangers.

We do not at this time make stock whips, I personally do not use them and while I have in the past made some for personal use I simply do not particularly enjoy their rather unique characteristics <this is a personal preference and not a indictment of their worth or ability in skilled hands > and since I don't feel I have the high level of skill with them to tell just how well(or badly) they are performing I feel it unfair to use others as crash test dummies.

We strive daily to perfect our product while constantly persuing what is surly the most elusive of goals, that absolutely perfect formula for a whip be it a short shot loaded signal or a more creatively demanding bullwhip while tailoring many to suit the special requests/needs of individual users.