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This page features some one of a kind or unusually sized,

coloured or patterned items as well as any ready for delivery standard items

While I love having folks drop by and chat about whip stuff

I apologise but due to Covid-19 we will be practicing social distancing,

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Nylon/Para-Cord Whips  

Nylon/Para Cord



a great accurate signalwhip with full shotbag and predictable rollout

Low maintenance easy care replaceable cracker and all the other good stuff... :-)

I do't do many nylon whips but during a reorganization of storage space I found a bunch of spools of nylon so to get rid of them I'm going to braid it up and for a bit I'll have random nylon whips on the go

Traditional Leather Whips And Braided Goods  

4FT Signalwhip (singletail)


A very presentable medium-heavy signalwhip with high flexibility in the lower 2/3 and slightly stiffer upper 1/3 to aid in control,with a standard shot bag extending 3/4 into the thong.

A accurate predictable whip that will need a bit of practice for a new user but will be instantly usable for anyone with a little experience.

6ft Bull Whip


A naturally weighted faster Western Style Utility Bull Whip in a Oxblood and Tan Kip Hide with Chevron pattern for the thong and over under spiral for the handle. Nylon Fall for lifelong durability and easy maintenance

A good solid whip with good action and fast transitions that would be excellent for targeting and multi crack routines