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This page features some one of a kind or unusually sized,

coloured or patterned items as well as any ready for delivery standard items


Purple and Black 12 plait medium/heavy snake whip

Pretty much a standard snakewhip the only unusual thing being it's a 3.5ft rather than one of the more common 3 or 4 ft versions and it's purple and black which is not that typical a colour choice for me.

(looks pretty sharp tho so I'll likely do more when time permits)


Nylon(Para Cord) 4 ft signalwhip in Kelly Green with Maroon accent

Fast, easy to throw and maintenance free, replaceable cracker

This has a standard leather end knot as I find them easier on the hands

I found a bunch of semi-used spools of cord and decided to use them up so I made a couple of signals I don't do much nylon so I forget how nicely these can perform


Nylon 4ft signalwhip Imperial red Black Knot



cats paw

Black and Blue CatsPaw




For More info or pix on any of the items drop me a line and I'll do my best to oblige