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This page features some one of a kind or unusually sized,

coloured or patterned items as well as any ready for delivery standard items

8FT Woody

(10ft tip to tip)

A Long Hardwood handled classic style full leather core Bullwhip in a Texas style backbraid

I used to make these as far back as 18 years ago as a highly durable all round sport target whip, over time they were replaced by the modern sport style whip with plaited handle so on a slow winter day I decided to revisit the old school classic and put a couple together.

Easy to use with big sound, and the accuracy provided by a long handle these are not going to set any world records for most cracks in a minute, but the classic look, easy transitions and effortless (and rather loud) cracks are sure to make you smile.


cats paw

Black and Blue CatsPaw

Medium-heaviyish weight

42" tip to tip

21" inch body

21" inch falls

Not much different than the sandard one this was made just a bit stiffer than the norm for ease of directional control


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